Update on Graduate Student Union Negotiations

To: Deans, DLCI Heads, Grad Admins and Officers, AOs, and FOs

Dear colleagues,

I write to let you know that MIT and the Graduate Student Union (GSU) will return to the bargaining table this summer to resume negotiations toward a first contract.

This follows the recent GSU-run vote on whether to accept MIT’s proposal for a contract. Many students have expressed concern with how the GSU structured this vote—permitting voting by individuals outside the bargaining unit, while not allowing those in the bargaining unit who did not want to sign union membership cards to vote. The GSU has reported that among the graduate students who participated, 1,715 voted against MIT’s current offer of a comprehensive contract, and 226 voted in favor.

The GSU-reported results mean that two-thirds of the roughly 6,000 students who were invited to participate, and roughly half of the 3,500 students in the bargaining unit as of mid-May, didn’t sign a membership card and vote.

We have set our next bargaining sessions for July 24 and 31. Our two-month pause in negotiations is a result of the delay created by the GSU vote and the need to accommodate scheduling and vacation conflicts on both sides. We remain committed to reaching an agreement that is consistent with our principles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please forward this update to faculty, instructors, and graduate students in your respective units.

As always, more information about the negotiations can be found on grad-union.mit.edu and questions should be directed to gradunionquestions@mit.edu.


Ian A. Waitz
Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate and Graduate Education

Jerome C. Hunsaker
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics